About Celia and Her Ever-Growing Pets 

Celia, a 1996 girl, owns an ever-growing number of pets.

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About Celia Fransisca as The Site Owner
Celia Fransisca, a 1996 dog person as well as hamster person, builds and owns this site. Hence, all texts, tales, pictures, etc. belong to her (except "The Chinchilla Song"). She hopes this site can inspire and be useful to everybody. Leave feedback to her email, and she's gonna appreciate it.
About Celia Fransisca as a 1996 Dog-Hamster Person
Celia Fransisca, a 1996 girl with a dream to own a pet shop of her own which sells pet supplies and let people adopt, rather than buy pets. Besides that, ever since her father bought her a camera, she has also been thinking of being a professional pet photographer. She began to love dogs and pets all because of her father and her first dog, Ellis.
Picture to the left is Celia Fransisca, and her current dog, Wibee.

The Dogs..

Celia has started her dog-career since 2002 until now..

About Ellis
Ellis, Celia's first dog, is the most thoughtful dog yet and is really a friend in need. Although Celia had ever neglected her because her second dog, Ferris Wheel, was too irresistible. However, when Ferris preferred playful kids to the calm and cool Celia, Celia was disappointed and turned her attention to Ellis instead. Ellis didn't ignore nor got angry at Celia for neglecting her. Instead, she cared for Celia when she needs her! A friend in need is a friend indeed. Sadly, Ellis had already crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 18th July 2009, and will always be in Celia's thought. Sometimes, she cries while thinking of Ellis.
"Miss you a lot, buddy.."

About Ferris Wheel 

Ferris Wheel, Celia's second dog, is the most cute-looking and the friendliest dog Celia had ever had. He could befriend anybody, especially dogs, easily since he's super-friendly! Once, when Celia took him out for a walk and met a fierce stray dog, Ferris managed to be friends with him and were kinda close to each other. At first, the stray dog was barking really hard towards Ferris and Ferris just kept calm and insisted on being friends with him. In the end, they really became friends! But Ferris had also fought with the neighbor dog once, because he tried to molest the girl! lol

And one loyalty tale from Ferris. Celia's uncle owns a female dog and wants Ferris to mate with his dog. And so, Ferris was sent to Celia's uncle's house to stay for a week or so. Ferris seemed pretty happy at first 'cos he met a girl, but 3 days after that, Ferris fell sick and Celia's uncle sent him back to Celia. As soon as Ferris saw Celia, he got back to his feet to cuddle up to her! How sweet. At that very moment, they called for a vet right away and had him examined. Good thing he's fine after several dose of medicine. Sadly, Ferris had already crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 22nd April 2010, in the age of 2.

About Jessie

Jessie, who almost belonged to Celia, actually came before Ferris. She resembled Ferris, except that she's old and she limps. Celia was told that she had an accident before, which caused the limping. She's very thoughtful, understanding, and a fast-learner. She knows her name in just 2 days and that was the fastest in "Celia's Dog Record" (lol!). But sadly, she has an odor problem and Celia's mother suggested to return Jessie to her former owner just because of that! Celia's mother, then promised her that she would find another dog for her. The ignorant, young Celia agreed. On the day when Jessie would be returned, somebody came to pick her up. She hid under the table - just like what she did on her first day in Celia's house, except that it was under the car - refused to come out no matter what. People called her and even tried to make her out, but the stubborn Jessie just wouldn't! But then, Celia came back home from school and saw the situation. She called Jessie and Jessie came out, fetched by the man who came to pick her up and off they go. Celia was holding her tears, as she thought that she had misused Jessie's trust on her. Until now, Celia still regrets her decision.. 

About Wibee 

Wibee, Celia's third dog, is the pioneer-in-everything and the most understanding dog Celia has ever had. She's the pioneer in celebrating birthdays, the pioneer in having clothes to wear, & the pioneer to be on Facebook. Wibee, unlike Ferris, is a bit aggressive. Celia had never seen her being friendly towards other dogs. Instead, she asks for fights even though the other dog is being so friendly. However, when Celia tested her and brought a hamster over to her, she's not as aggressive, although she seemed to dislike the hamster. She will also be a good sister should Celia have new puppies, because she had ever toilet-trained Celia's new puppies, and be less aggressive towards them. Wibee is Celia's current dog and is still living, of course. 


The Hamsters..

Celia has started her hamster-career since 2011 but unfortunately, it ended in 2012.

Egypt (girl) & Ostaf (boy)

Gyppi (girl) & Tafoss (boy) 

Geus (girl) 

Hyho (boy) 

The Ugly Duckling (boy) 

 Te (boy)

Ski (boy)

Dre (boy)

Yin (boy)

Actually, Celia has more than 19 hamsters. It's just that she gave some away to her friends & cousins. Celia lets her friends and cousins name the hamsters instead.

Tomasion (boy) 

 Bandit (girl)

Norcept (girl) 

Holweiler (girl) 

Tre (boy) 

Rov (boy) 

Yang (girl)

Yo (boy)

The Chinchilla Dance!.mp3

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