Hamster Talk

What's a Hamster Talk? Hamster Talk is just another 4Paws Tales' feature, which focuses on entertainment instead of tips for taking care of your pets. Hamster Talk is updated every week, so be sure to check back every week for a new Hamster Talk! You may also check on 4Paws Tales' Facebook posts or tweets for a new Hamster Talk!

Hamster Talk #1

Dre has a habit to climb up the house and would get stuck every time. Yang, who always helped him from the trouble, gives up on him this time and prefers the wheels instead.


Hamster Talk #2

Yo loves to climb the cage, and when Celia accidentally opened the cage (upper door) and forgot to close it, Yo realized that he had the chance to escape! Did he succeed in his escape or did her fail? Email 4pawstales@gmail.com your answer and see if you got it correct. Win an exclusive snail wallpaper if you got it right!


Hamster Talk #3

Tre attempts to go on a diet, as recommended by Celia, but does this looks like he succeed? Even though Celia gave him a smaller portion for his meal, he still eats with all his might, demanding for more. It's a good thing he lives alone, or his mate would not have food to eat, all gobbled up by him!


Hamster Talk #4

Celia had forgotten to refill the water bottle, and when she finally does that, look at what happens! The pups don't queue and they were fighting over a gulp of water. Yo was trying to drink, but Yang pushed him aside.


Hamster Talk #5

It was time for Tre's daily exercise, which is the hamster ball run. He always loves to run, especially when he's not in the ball, but he knows he has to be in the ball. So, when Celia picked him up, he's not happy about it and just wanted to run! He doesn't want to stop, "I wanna run!", he says. 


Hamster Talk #6

Yang was the only white hamster in Celia's hamster-career and that leads to the extra love that Yang could get from her! So, when Celia put her for an extra food leisure, Yang still couldn't forget her siblings. After she had her fill, she's getting some for her siblings, but there's a limit to how much her mouth can hold, isn't it?


Hamster Talk #7

Using her hamster food scooper, Celia scoops Yin up, and calls him "Cup-sized Hamster". lol However, Yin seems to be afraid. He prefers being in the house with his fellow pups than being in the scooper. After all, that's quite a height! 


Hamster Talk #8

Celia, out of Yo's cuteness overload, put the young and blind Yo in her hand and look what happened! Yo sniffed out that he's in a spot where he has never been, and he asks himself where he is.. Eventually, he got used to being in Celia's hand. Yo, you ROCK!


Hamster Talk #9

Norcept had 4 babies, and when it's time for her to milk her babies, she noticed that there are only 3 in the house. One of the pups, Yang, is missing! She went out from the house, on the search of her pup. Yang, the pup whom she's looking for, is actually in front of the house, near the slide. Will Norcept catch her first before her pup falls to injury? Stay tuned for Hamster Talk #10! 


 Hamster Talk #10

Fortunately, Norcept caught her daughter before she could fall down the slide! Norcept came into her daughter's rescue just in the nick of the time, or Yang would have fallen down to broken bones (ok, I admit, that's too exaggerating..). Then, Norcept tried to stay calm after she caught her kid, and she's talking to you!


Hamster Talk #11

Egypt, the protective little girl was surrounded by her man, Ostaf. When Ostaf was about to caught hold of her, Egypt had no choice but to chase him away! She's just too protective of herself, isn't she? Ostaf, a bit henpecked, ran away from Egypt's terrifying RAWR!!!

Hamster Talk #12

Norcept, being a mother of four, took one of her kids, Yo, out for a walk. She carried him in her mouth and ran through the terrace. When Norcept is finally tired, she fell to the ground, facing the walls and tried to take a wink of sleep. But unknown to her, the blind Yo is going to fall down to the hole! And he still can't squeak out to his mother for help yet. But in the end, the father, Tre, ran as quick as he can as soon as he saw his kid in such a situation to save him. And he did! Wheew..


Hamster Talk #13

The human, wanted to dupe Norcept into eating bananas as an extra treat of the day, told her that she would be able to produce banana-flavored milk for her babies, and said that her babies would absolutely love the flavor and grow healthy and strong. The gullible Norcept believed the human, although she still has her doubts.



Hamster Talk #14

Here it is : The Banana Series again! This time, it's not Norcept and her kids, but it's the twin brother, Rov and Ski! When the human opened the door and stretched her hand into the cage with a banana, Rov rushed to try the delicacy, and when he found out it's so yummy, he didn't forget his brother Ski, and called him out to have a taste of this yummy delicacy too! How thoughtful of Rov..


Hamster Talk #15

Tre, father of 4 kids, are shooed away from the house by the mother, Norcept. She nurses her kids in the house and there are not enough space for Tre to chip in, so she told him to go out. But Tre, in the other hand, is stubborn and wants to go in, but Norcept just won't let him. Here, Tre figures out a way to see his kids. Can you suggest a solution for Tre? Email us at 4pawstales@gmail.com to convey to us your solution!



Hamster Talk #16

Ski has a solution to break free from his cage, and he did so one day. His reason? Well, he's itching to see his beloved, Holweiler. They are not married, as the humans opposed to their marriage, so they can only remain as a boyfriend and a girlfriend to each other. Ski saw his girlfriend by the window and Holweiler noticed him too. She offered to open the door for him, as he had taught her girlfriend how to open the cage doors days ago, so actually she can break free from the cage too, but she's too timid to do so. 


Hamster Talk #17

When the day gets cold because of the rainy weather, all the hamsters would find a shelter quickly and hide in there for fear of getting the cold. The same goes for the Tetrerovski Gang. One of them ran into the house and started to call for the others, "I've found a great hideout, guys!" But when all of them could fit inside, they found it a bit hard to move around. Rov found a space for his head, while Te got his front body out by the door. The others? Inside.


Hamster Talk #18

Te, after having a carrot feast with his gang, felt a bit itchy on his tummy. When he finally had the chance to go upstairs secretly to scratch it, he felt relieved of the itch. Now he remembers that he had gone in to the bowl for his feast, and that maybe caused his tummy to itch. Few seconds later, his gang found him outside the house and quickly dragged him downstairs again for the party.


Hamster Talk #19

Hyho & Norcept had a litter of their own, and now, daughters are put to live with their mother, which is Norcept, and sons are put to live with their father, Hyho. The boys are just so eager to follow their father's steps, as they thought that their father is the best hamster around! So, when Hyho noticed that YOU are watching him, he held the cage bars and looked at you back. The boys quickly followed him, and together, they are looking at YOU.


Hamster Talk #20

As you can see, Rov is sleeping beside a giant bottle of Australia Wine! He drank too much of a drop and collapsed to the ground. He's too drunk to be on the cage and all he needs now is a rest before he can be sober again.


Hamster Talk #21

Tre, father of four, is helping Norcept to take care of their kids. He complains about the noise you made, so be quiet because it's gonna be hard for him to coax his kids back to sleep again! Sorry for the inconvenience! mdr  


HamsterTalk #22

Usually, Celia lets Holweiler out for the day before she refills her bowl. And that day, she did it again. Holweiler, who excitedly went out of the cagee, suddenly smelled the sweet scent her favorite food lets out. She regrets going out, but then she realizes that she has to figure out a way to go in there to satisfy her hunger. Got an idea to show Holweiler how? Email us at 4pawstales@gmail.com!


Hamster Talk #23

If you need tips on your romance story, Tre and Norcept can give you, and that is to confess your love to the ones you love and then be honest to each other! They are doing it now, and Tre's brothers seem to be him and girlfriend. Te sniffed out a crumb of cracker near Norcept's cage and rushed over there. While Rov who happened to be there, chatting with Norcept, got his feet stepped on by the love expert Tre!

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