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These are lists of apps from iTunes that Celia found good and worth to download.. (not based on ranks)

Photos & Wallpapers. 

1. Wallpapers - Forgotten Colours

Looking for wallpapers? Try Forgotten Colours! How is Forgotten Colours different from others? Well, the Home Screen wallpapers are coupled with Lock Screen wallpapers! Try them out and see how awesome the wallpapers can be!

2. Fotopedia Wild Friends

If you love animals, you'll definitely love Fotopedia Wild Friends! Fotopedia Wild Friends is an app full of professional animal photos, and you will find yourself knowing more about animals! There are even photos about newborn turtles who had just hatched from their eggs! Want to see more awesome photos? Download Fotopedia Wild Friends now!

Link :

Fantastic Apps!

1. Paper

Paper is a handy app. Using 5 tools, which includes Color, Write, Outline, Sketch, and Draw, you can do whatever you like on Paper! However, four of them is not free, but still, you can try them out and the effect is really good. Perfect for your imaginative mind and comes in need when you're in need of somewhere to jot down your ideas!

Link :

Action-Packed Games! 

 1. Paper Monsters

Paper creatures on a 3D world! Jump into a 3D adventure with a cardboard character and jump on those paper bad guys, beat bosses, and enjoy a whole lot of fun! You can also dress up your character by buying him some clothes and accessories using your buttons (Paper Monster Currency)! Pay for this game or wait for it to be free!

P.S. : This is a paid app, Celia got this app free with the help of @FreeAppADay.

Link :

2. Wind-up Knight

Play as a knight saving a princess! The only problem is that this knight you're playing as is a wind-up knight, which means he may stop if you don't give him a quick wind-up. And when he starts walking, he can't stop! You'll have to help control this knight so that he can finish his quest. Wonderful high-quality graphic and you won't be tired of it!

Link : 

3. ChinBounce

Ready for some ChinBouncing? ChinBounce is an addictive arcade game and lets you go for the highest score. It comes with a storyline and a mini movie for you to watch. With cute chinchillas on the action, ChinBounce is a must-have chinchilla game!

Link :

4. Off The Leash

Recently discovered, Off The Leash is definitely a perfect game for dog lovers + tilt game lovers! Packed with dozens of adorable dogs and playable by tilting your device, this game can be quite addicting! Collect power-ups along the way, raise your level by eating treats, and eventually you'll get into bonus levels with coins inside! Rescue dogs, buy headwear, and do more with the money you collect!

Link :

Solve-It Games!

1. Where's My Water?

No doubt, this game is the best solve-it game ever! You're going to get so addicted solving the levels and have fun digging the dirt by moving your fingers! Have fun with all sorts of fluids, such as poison, ooze, mud, and many more! Download or regret today!

Link : 

2. Where's my Perry?

Being another version of Where's My Water?,  this game is also packed  with addictive puzzle levels! But instead of having various kinds of fluids, this has all sorts of -inators, helping to change the water's forms! So, had enough of Where's My Water? Try Where's My Perry?!

Link :

Best Zoo-Managing Games!

1. Tiny Zoo Friends

Tiny Zoo Friends is one of Tiny Co.'s games, and is a really good zoo-managing game for you to enjoy! You can almost do everything here, from breeding the animals, to cross-breeding them! It has some festive animals on some occasions and even unlocks special stuffs on that occasion. 30 seconds of breedings, 25% off, and many more! Join Tiny Zoo Friends today! *Although a bit troublesome on moving things in your zoo*

Link :

2. Zoo Story 2

Looking for a zoo-managing game, which has animals in their awesome cuteness? Try Zoo Story 2! The animals are well-decorated and you can breed and crossbreed the animals as well! But you need to be social to maximize the fun you can get in Zoo Story 2. *Might be a bit troublesome if you have too many animals. It's troublesome to collect and feed them all!*

P.S. : Need a neighbor? Add efwcelia!

Link :

3. Safari Zoo

A zoo-managing game with 3D animated animals! Feed them and earn from them! Fill in the animal vacancies by buying animals of the same type! Buy shops and decorations to entertain tourists! An African safari zoo that you'll never get tired managing it!

Link :

Best Pet House or Pet Hotel Games! 

1. Tiny Pets

There's a flood and many victims are losing their homes! Help Sully the dog build pet houses for his friends! You can also play mini-games to earn more money, such as The Rocket Dog and Whack Spendington! Hire your crews to help you in managing and search for missing pets! Manage your very own pet house by downloading one of Tiny Co.'s apps, Tiny Pets!

Link :

2. Pet Hotel Story

Build the best pet hotel for those cute pets out there! Make your hotel the best vacation resort for them! Build stairs, rooms, arrange a date for your pet, and make babies out of them too! Befriend other people and party with their animals!

P.S. : Need a neighbor? Add efwcelia!

Link :

3. Dream PetHouse

Create the happiest pet house around in one of Zynga's game, Dream PetHouse! Feed, grow, and breed your pets! Want to have a flashback at how your pets look like when they're young? Have a look at the album! Hire chipmunk crews to help you! Drooling over the features? Download today!

Link :

4. Tap Pet Hotel

Make pets happy by building them a hotel to stay at! Hire staffs, breed & crossbreed, nurture them, feed them by cooking foods in your bakery, build clubs so that they can have a party, and a new SEARCH game from Tap Pet Hotel! Download today to experience all these!

Link :

Best Pet Shop-Managing Games!

1. Tap Pet Shop

With sweet, realistic-looking pets in your pet shop looking for homes, manage your pet shop well in Tap Pet Shop! A wide range of pets to choose from, starting from dogs to hermit crabs. You can also mix your pets, either between a cat and a cat or a cat and a bird, and you can start your collections on designer dogs, horses, exotic birds, and more as well. Plus, look out for VIPs who spends much on your pet shop! *Stuffs in your pet shop are space-consuming. You will have to expand often*

Link :

2. Pet Shop Story

A story unfolds in a pet shop with pets in their awesome cuteness! Breed, crossbreed, expand, everything! Put dogs together and label them with a DOG sign, starting from German Shepherd to Lhasa Apso! Get social with your friends and neighbors and help each other by sending gifts! Start your pet shop story today!

P.S. : Need a neighbor? Add efwcelia!

Link :

3. Monster Pet Shop

Some people want dogs or cats as pets, while some prefers monsters as their pets! Open a monster pet shop today and satisfy those people by letting them adopt the monsters in your shop! Keep your monsters happy and they'll grow up fast before you can let people adopt them! Rename them, mix their colors, and more! Meet the demands of your customers! Open up your monster pet shop today!

Link :

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