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Here are some books Celia would like to recommend you and she gives them "Celia's 2-thumbs-up"!

 1. A Goat's Life

This book is actually written by Celia herself. It tells you about how a goat leads his life, and it's not all about grazing on the grass. It's more than that and is not as simple as you think it is.

1.1. Book Synopsis

I am a goat who spent his early days being spoiled and well- looked after by the people around me. But when a fire broke out in the farm, I lost everything. My family, my sweet ol’ farm, the hays I had always slept on, everything! But not my life, and not my friends, who survived through the rough tides. We were then, unknowingly, goatnapped without any ransom to an old-looking farm whose barn may collapse at any time without a notice. We had a hard time adapting, especially with those mean residents there until another tragedy was about to befall on us. Are tragedies always something bad?  Who knows.

1.2. More Informations

Price : Rp. 45.000

Where to buy : You can directly buy from Celia, as "A 

Goat's Life" won't be available in book shops. Contact her 

via Facebook, Twitter, or email (Contact Us tab). 

2. Dogs Don't Bite When A Growl Will Do
Written by Matt Weinstein and Luke Barber, Celia finds this book worth to read! This book is about what dogs can teach us and not what we can teach our dogs. Dogs could actually teach us a lot of life principles, that you really need to know and practice it in your life! Celia assures you that you won't regret buying this book.
2.1. Book Synopsis
An engaging, thoughtful, and helpful guide to the collective wisdom of our constant companions that shows how we can all benefit from becoming a little more canine in our human interactions.

...aren't afraid to get their paws dirty
...listen deeply, even if they don't understand
...know how to love
...scratch where it itches
...don't compare themselves to others
2.2. More Informations

Celia bought her "Dogs Don't Bite When A Growl Will Do" in Singapore's Kinokuniya. It is suggested to try looking for this book in the book shops or you may buy it from Here's the link : 

3. The Dastardly Book For Dogs 

Celia finds this book interesting, because it is written as if it was for dogs to read! This book is humorous as well as informative. It, somehow, tells us how a dog actually feels and it helps you to understand your dog well. However, don't feel bad about yourself after reading this book as it refers dog owners as idiots, etc. Celia believes dogs would call us Mum or Dad rather than Idiots. lol Just remember, this book is HUMOROUS :-)

3.1. Book Synopsis

Isn't there more to being a dog than wearing a mini cashmere jumper and riding around in a Louis Vuitton handbag? It's time for dogs to chew free of those clutches and recapture the simple pleasures of life: leg-humping, bottom-sniffing and tail-chasing amongst them.

The perfect book for good dogs, bad dogs, and the millions of people who loves them.

3.2. More Information

Celia bought her "The Dastardly Book For Dogs" in Singapore's Kinokuniya. It is suggested to try looking for this book in the book shops or you may buy it from Here's the link :

4. Chandi: The rescue dog who stole a nation's heart

Even though Celia hasn't owned this book yet, she finds it interesting as it concerns Tina, one of her Facebook friend's life, and Chandi, Tina's dog. Tina and Chandi has ever entered Britain's Got Talent. Here's the link to Tina and Chandi's appearances in Britain's Got Talent :

4.1. Book Synopsis

 The heartwarming story of Tina and Chandi, finalists on Britain's Got Talent. 

Tina and Chandi won the hearts of the nation with their fantastic dance routines on Britain’s Got Talent. Now, in this heart-warming memoir Tina shares their story. When Tina met Chandi she was a frightened, abandoned puppy in a local pound. Under Tina’s care she soon blossomed into an amazingly intuitive dog and together with Pepper, Tina’s first rescue dog, she gave Tina a reason to live after losing both her parents to cancer. Tina and Chandi developed a very special bond that allowed them to communicate at an extraordinary level and provided the magic element in their Freestyle dog dancing routines. They performed in front of thousands and went on to become Crufts champions and television stars. This is Tina and Chandi’s story of incredible love and devotion.

4.2. More Information

Interested to buy this book? Try the, here's the link : 

Want us to feature your book or a book you think that is worth to recommend? Email us at! We'll put it in our BOOKS section as soon as we receive your email!

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