Here is a list of websites that Celia finds worth to visit, but it's kind of specialized in each field, so it's not really suitable for just everybody. Anyway, enjoy! 

1. ChinChatComics (

A chinchilla person? In need of entertainment to liven up your life? Ever thought of seeing chinchillas in the cartoon version? is the place to go!

Jennifer Li, creator of, lives in Canada, and is step by step making chinchatcomics go big! She went through a TWXXD podcast, is featured in Omni TV, and is a part of ExplorAsian Event in Vancouver! Preferred to be called Jenn, she calls her readers as ChinChatters and is always trying to satisfy these ChinChatters by publishing her webcomics every Monday & Wednesday, organizes contests with prizes in them, offering fan goodies to give out for FREE, opening a ChinChat Store so that people could buy ChinChat Products, a ChinChat Forum for ChinChatters to gather, and a frequent ChinBlog!

For more information about this chinchilla website, visit!

Also on Facebook :

And Twitter :!/chinchatcomics

Jennifer Li on Facebook : 

2. Bah Humpug (

A dog person, especially pug attached? You'll love this site for sure! There are hundreds of cute pug drawings in it, including pug alphabets! This site will keep you entertained for sure! View all the drawings in here, and I bet one day is not enough!

For more information, visit!

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